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>2010 Photo Gallery - Badarikashrama Vidyashala

>Photo Gallery - Badarikashrama Vidyashala

Madihalli School Project - Your donation will go towards a noble cause of delivering quality education to the rural children in and around the village of Madihalli. The construction of this school began in November 2008. The school is envisioned to have 36 classrooms to accommodate elementary and middle school students. Construction cost for each classroom is estimated to be around Rs.9 lakhs (US$20,000). Names of donors that sponsor the cost of a classroom will be prominently displayed on the school premises. The total construction cost for the school project is estimated at Rs.3.75 crore (US$800,000).

Please click on the links to see the drawings of the proposed school:
School Building Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan

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